“Shahnameh for the digital age.”
— Sheila Canby, Metropolitan Museum of Art

“An Iranian epic for the masses”
— CNN international

“A gorgeous new translation of the Persian epic.”
— NPR, All Thing Considered

“A magnificent book both conceptually and technically… Extraordinary combinations of diverse styles from across the centuries.”
— Charles Melville, University of Cambridge

“Shahnameh, a Persian Masterpiece, Still Relevant Today.”
— The Wall Street Journal

“Epic Iranian tale gets intimate upgrade… For all of its many adaptations, [Shahnameh] has remained largely unknown in the west except in scholarly circles and among Iranians. But New York–based artist Hamid Rahmanian’s recent illustrated rendition with translator Ahmad Sadri of, Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings could change that.”
— The Guardian

“This edition is simply breathtaking: 500 illustrations dance across every page, each telling a story in a thousand intricate and beautiful artistic flourishes. Accompanied by a translation of the text that is charming, accessible, and rich in the nuances of the Persian language, it is a treasure that will be cherished and handed down to subsequent generations.”
— Huffington Post

“This illustrated tome will bring new, vivid life to the epic tales of the ancient Persian kings.”
— The Atlantic

“Your efforts will help in furthering the public recognition of Shahnameh and the ancient culture of Iran. You have thus made a work that pleases the mind as well as the eye.”
— Dr. Jalal Khaleghi Motlagh, author and editor of the most critical version of Shahnameh in eight volumes

“…An outstanding literary and artistic job that pleases the ordinary reader while remaining attractive to the experts among us.”
— Dr. Mahmoud Omidsalaar, Author of “Politics of Iran’s National Epic, the Shahnameh”